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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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were over 11,000 public comments. what is in congress are completely inadequate and only a ban on fracking is going to help save the water in california. as you know we are experiencing an intense drought and we need to keep a reserve on the ground. that's why your actions today is important for the people of california to tell our governor that fracking or other techniques for dirty oil should not be what this government is promoting. i thank you very much for taking up this issue. thank you very much. >> hello, my name is jeb holts
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man representing 33 san francisco. a local advocacy group. a long time resident and in favor of item 20. the resolution calling for a halt on high ydraulic fracturing in california. and we greatly support those changes. as ross just pointed out, there are a number of reasons why we simply can't afford to take this action as a state. in front of me i have an article from a few days ago called dry weather in 2013 shocks meteorologist. fresno area meteorologist steve frances said last year from a scale of 1-10 last year was a 14. however this year many old records fell by 30
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percent from the previous all time low. he had 77 percent below it's previous all time low. this is basically unheard of in the history of science. so fracking is a practice which essentially takes 1-5 million gallons of water per well. each well can be frakt 15 tiechlts this is an extremely water in practice per state. for that reason alone it should be halted. perhaps should bare mentioned that the oil that we are fracturing here is the most carbon intensive on the planet more than canadian and tar sands and it would delay by 80 years if we were to pull that out of the ground. greatly support you sending a mention to the state that the city and county does not support
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fracking. >> good afternoon, thanks for this opportunity. my name is lawrence. i'm also a member of 350 bay area. i lived in the city for 38 years. for the last four 4 years i have been living in hayward but i still have a strong interest in the city's affairs. i'm here today to encourage the board of supervisors to approve the resolution regarding banning the moratorium on hydraulic frakting for all the reasons mentioned in that statement. it would be good for san francisco to take the lead in the bay area and other cities will likely follow. this would make a strong statement to the
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governor and companies stands who make profit and call a moratorium in fracking until the environmental study is done. thank you very much. >> my name is hilary. i work for the biological diversity. we have many activist in california and around the country. i want to thank president chiu and the board of supervisors for the opportunity of speaking today in support of president chiu's resolution to end fracking in california. fracking poisons the water we drink. state agencies in four different states confirmed that oil and gas development in areas used for fracking for water contamination. at a time
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when california faces a historic drought we could not afford to precious water resources to these dangerous fracking techniques. fracking and the disposals have been linked to earthquakes in the united states. this will cut greenhouse emissions. i want to thank you for this resolution and for prioritizing the city and states health and environment and climate, above the profits of oil companies . thank you.. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is john brone. i was here last year. these are short comments to you to my family to
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you supervisor to give you an occasion -- indication, i will make my covenant between you and me. then abraham fell on his face. you shall be the attitude of multitude of nations. i made you ancestor of the multitude of the nation. i will make nation of you. and i
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will establish my covenants to be god to you and to your offspring after you. and i will give you and to your offspring after you the land where you are an alien. all the land of can an for perpetual holding. when i first arrived to the united states i was married to a kenyan woman who still lives in condition -- kenya and spent a period of time here in a sense remarried and joined in a community property relationship for the moment here in california. president david chiu: thank you very much. next speaker.
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>> mr. president, board of supervisors, thank you for letting me speak. i'm here to speak on item 20, fracking. i'm with 350 sf and also representing the church of san francisco climate change committee. i urge you to pass this resolution and urge the state of california to enact a moratorium on fracking and hopefully to ban fracking. we know that now we have carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeding 400 parts per million. some scientist say this is the highest level in a million years. i read in the new york times today that sea level might rise 5 feet by the end of this century. this is due to man-made climate change. we need to stop extracting
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fossil fuels from the earth and we need to learn how to use alternate energy methods. we have to stop drilling for oil, burning oil and heating the atmosphere. i forget to say that i'm also a san francisco resident and lived in john avalos district for 27 years. i urge you to pass this resolution and to urge the state of california to ban fracking. thank you. >> good afternoon, president and honorable board of supervisors. marco with the labor council for latin american advancement. i rise today on 2 points on
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initiatives taken by this board today and those 2 points are the issue about women and families and the other resolution is around migrants and families and working families. i believe that the initiative that you have taken today's already demonstrates and does not require a thanks. you stood tall today on two very key issues. not only are they key issues. these issues fact people in a way that are unimaginable. on the first issue, on the issue of abortion. this issue affects a caring and responsible women, but it also affects caring and responsible and present men. so by addressing this issue, you address the key issues of facing our family and the key need that men step up to the plate on the issues of that
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affect all of us and that after all we were part of at some particular time. the second issue is the issue of migrants. it's earth shattering. you have no idea. you have an idea of course of the impact. timing is key. there is a new opportunity to address these measures and by taking this initiative at this time you are striking out for all of us across the nation. for those who cross the nile and hope to hold hands and join us for this use -- >> president david chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i'm schaffer the director of
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the river campaign. i'm here to talk to the about the unfortunate fact that as we approach the 41st anniversary of the rowe versus wade there will be banners on market street that says that abortion hurts women. which is not true. i want to introduce a statement today disassociating you and the city from this false information and suggesting actions that we can take. the trust women ribbon campaign has facilitated some petitions and i want to bring you some of the voices of people commenting online and i have copies to give to folks. >> the clerk will be right there to pick them up. >> thank you very much. there are voices that i will pass along some comments. thank you very much. to let you know how
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disturbing the public both in san francisco and elsewhere is finding this. abortion is safe reproductive for health care and women. lies about this hurt women. i am appalled, shocking as a former city resident, as a former city resident, as a native of san francisco, as a nurse practitioner, as a nursing faculty in san francisco, as a woman and a health professional. there are many more statements expressing the fact that it is really important to make sure the public that our city of san francisco which we treasure and is so progressive and has a wonderful program of reproductive health care for women preach what we practice and make sure that we get the word out. thank you for taking steps in that direction and we look forward to further action in that regard, thank you.
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>> president chiu, members of the board. my name is broso. i'm with the trust women organization. i'm also here to thank the board for the resolution that was brought to the floor. i was appalled to find out that our city allowed banners with a lie that abortion is not safe for women was allowed to be posted along our public street market street from 6th street to the embarcadero. all over the country, women's reproductive health has been under attack. so i found this very disturbing to see that this message was allowed on our street, our public property. i believe that our local government, our state and federal government must do all it can to ensure that misinformation is not allowed on our public streets.
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individuals and organizations should not have the opportunity to post misleading or medically false information on public property because when we do this, it seems as though it has the blessing of the government and i know that is not true. thank you very much. >> the deputy clerk will be there to pick it up. >> my name is pat -- i emplore you to take the banners down. in the years in the united states of america, if pregnancy
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is always such an welcome advance why is it more than a century 1/2 that human female in her prime of life has often gone to an early death because the imposed dogma of religion has declared that she shall breathe. thousands of women have gone to unnecessary death hemorrhage and infections leaving children or orphans and father widowers to take care of these babies. i'm just
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dumbfounded that we are still struggling for the human female to have control of her body and only if she is successful at using contraception which has an own failure rate even the pill has it's own failure rate. i refer you to garrette's article 1964, abortion and human dignity. please read it. >> supervisors, my name is paul kangas. a member against arena i'm here to speak against fracking. in order to stop
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fracking what they have done in most of the world is we have to come up with an alternative first. the alternative being used all over the world right now is a policy change called the solar feed in tariff which requires the utility like pg & e and to harvest the grid energy. this policy has made germany -- after the meltdown in japan and prime minister adopted the tariff? -- in japan and japan last month with three atomic reactors. we can create jobs which the labor movement needs and it's the way that the policies changes that
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our governments do at a local level. city by city we can do this. even though the pg & e and puc will tell you you can't do that in the state. you can do it and germany did it and a book about how germany fought the city. it's called germany em period of -- imperative and how they passed the tariff city by city. it's spread all across europe now and china has just adopted this which is shocking for me that a country would be paying a high rate for home owners feeding onto the agreed. this creates jobs, it's an effective policy and more effective than community choice aggregation. thank you. >> good afternoon. any -- my
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name is george angle. i'm here to ask you to save my grandmother. my family has lived in san francisco for almost 2 years. as far as we know we are the longest standing property owners in san francisco. currently my grandmother is a deed owner of the property. i subsequently became wear of the building and it became my goal to renovate the building itself and i immediately began to work with a n architect. i began to look for investors for the second floor. this was 2 units. considering the depressed economy on the 400 blocks of
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broadway, any tents we had in our building would have to attract a different demographic of kathy -- customers in the neighborhood. this would help my entire family. unfortunately since the beginning of our project our project has hampered by antibusiness groups. the coalition of these shenanigans has been boarded up for past 50 years. this is very disturbing to my grand mother. my grandfather is in the final stage of cancer and she has to worry about her financial future. this building is her legacy and frankly my family's legacy and what is stopping us from this business on our property is shameful. after more than 2 years of fighting and planning of trying to get this planning finished. david
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chiu has not introduced legislation. president david chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> president chiu, supervisors, my name is -- i was retained about 2 years after he started this project to do outreach on the broadway quarter which is now called the top of broadway that i was well versed in the last 25 years. i will say this, i do not support many business owners who do not support moratoriums. not for 2 years as being requested. most of us support the conditional use process, and most of us support the pcn process when it's brought up. both process are very democratic. most don't
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support vacancies for many reasons. most of us don't agree that there is an excuse for vacancy. few years back on broadway which paralyzed the brandy building which has led to long-term vacancy there. this current resolution would create two additional vacancies which would make four large businesses vacant which would create four palaces on the broadway corridor. the broadway corridor has been plagued by crime and incidents. i have reviewed incidents of reports over a year 1/2 period. there are other bars that are being given the blessing like the bourbon and branch folks and the lusty lady. we need to get back to the table, work towards a healthy compromise, encourage
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investment, encourage employment and create a better environment so we get a better demographic so people feel safe and want to come down there and preserve the barbary coast in a healthy way. thank you. >> i'm for a man who support and trust women who include act in contraceptives and legal abortion.. in a trust to disturb banners falsely claiming that abortion is hanging from lamb post in market street in san francisco. this message is damaging and hurtful to women and mena like. in the city of san francisco particularly broadcast across san francisco's main thorough fair. we welcome to resolution
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submitted today on this matter. we request this city takes immediate action to remove this false and harmful message to broadcast accurate public health message. san francisco must preach what it practices. we believe that the city of san francisco and california do an outstanding job of improving the access ability and affordable health care and men and women support public health. by approving these banners by public properties, the city continues to undermine the women's private medical decisions and undermine public health. we encourage the board of supervisors to take a strong stand against these banners that lies to the public and we ask you to encourage the
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women's right to choose for their own reproductive health and urge the board to pass an ordinance to ensure such message will never be displayed in the future. thank you. i have a copy of this statement. >> good afternoon supervisors, thank you so much for letting us testify today. i am opposed to the presence of antiabortion banners on market street. my name is suzanne. i'm a signer of the trust women petition and i'm a former registered nurse. to say the 1st amendment permits, this is simply wrong. these banners fly in the face of san francisco pro choice public policy and public health guidelines. if we allow these banners, it would be similar to banners saying aids is god's
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punishment and vaccine's cause autism. scientifically false and certainly people's opinions but they have no place in the public sphere. as a former health care worker, my first precept was do no harm. these banners do great harm. i support your resolution to take them down. >> good afternoon president chiu and supervisors. i'm the manager of the climate act now. an organization that works here in san francisco with san francisco youth and adults teaching all of us about climate change and i have come here to echo support of our environmental colleagues here for a moratorium on hydraulic
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fracking. we are looking for leadership. i thank you all individually for your leadership in advance. every single city agency will be affected in the next decade and in the century to come. this leadership is important and we can tell the state that prop 84 does matter and we could not frak and fight climate change at the same time. frakting is bad for public health. they are going to see extreme increases. it's back for public works. tomorrow we have a meeting on the bureau of urban forestry in san francisco. it's bad for department of the environment who has been speaking up against towards zero waste. every agency will be directly affected as will all of us. i thank you in advance for your leadership. thank you.
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>> good afternoon. my name is james glover. ceo and founder. i went to the meeting last week at the citizens advisory committee on mid-market and once again nothing got done. so right here, i have been trying to pitch this for the last 5 months and nobody is listening. we can higher with the proper backing 500 people with no training pay them minimum wages with full dental and medical and all that. anyway, we have to change that. this whole face of how people do floors, the way of waxing and stripping, all this out the door. i got
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four proposals here. and avalos, breed, cohen, and supervisor kim, because those are the districts that we are going to be hiring out of. so the people we are going to be hiring are non-skilled people that are on the streets right now and the training that we are going to offer, it takes 10 minutes to train them to do this because this is a whole new thing. i don't like that bell. thanks. >> good afternoon, from the board of supervisors, my name is done price. how many of you folks remember me and know me. i used


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